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Affordable Divorce Lawyer in Newark

You Need an Experienced and Affordable Divorce Lawyer Near You in Newark.

But do you really want a cheap divorce lawyer in Newark?  Yes, you do. You want the cheapest divorce in New Jersey

The reason you really do want a cheap Newark divorce lawyer, IF POSSIBLE, is because cheap divorce lawyers tend to be good divorce lawyers. They get more cases. So they are highly experienced and more cost-effective than their local divorce lawyer competitors. Get the cheapest divorce in Newark that the facts of your case will allow.

Now let’s get real. The cheapest divorce is always an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce is where you and your spouse are not going to contest any of the issues in your divorce, including the divorce itself.

If you have a contested divorce, a complex divorce, a high-dollar marital estate or a case involving domestic abuse or threats of domestic violence, then you DO NOT want a cheap divorce lawyer. That would definitely be false economy and not wise. Regrettably, if you have one of those situations in your divorce, you require full lawyer representation and lot of time and effort and expertise to resolve. Those are expensive divorces and they should be.

The good news is that the Rozin | Golinder Law has you covered regardless of the type of divorce you have. Elizabeth Rozin-Golinder, Esq. 
offers smart divorce services that are scalable to your situation.

The important factor here is to pay only for the legal services dictated by the facts and circumstances of your case. Make your divorce lawyer fit your case.  Don’t make your case fit the divorce lawyer. But make your cheap divorce lawyer as cheap as possible

So we’ll understand if you tell your friends and relatives that you got an affordable divorce. But let’s face it. If you have an uncontested divorce in Newark and you call 1-800-DIVORCE of New Jersey, you’re going to get a cheap divorce through a highly experienced divorce lawyer and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Oh yeah. And You’ll NEVER Forget Your Cheap Divorce Lawyer’s Phone Number!

Rozin | Golinder Law

Divorce and other family law services are also available through 1-800-DIVORCE in: Kearny, Irvington, Arlington, Belleville, Greenville, Jersey City, Marion, Bloomfield, Elizabeth, Bayonne as well as in Newark.

Cheap Divorce Lawyer
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4 Ways 1-800-DIVORCE Finds You the Best Divorce Lawyer in Newark

Reduces the Clutter of Lawyers

Google My Business lists 112 Newark divorce lawyers. Avvo lists 60.  Yelp has 82.So how does that help you? You spin the roulette wheel on Google/Bing. Then you have to spin the same wheel again on one of those lawyer-finder platforms!

Avoids Jack-of-all-Trades Lawyers

The majority of Newark lawyers will have ONLY a “jack-of-all-trades” website. On that site, they list divorce, drunk driving, estate planning, bankruptcy, criminal defense, personal injury and anything else they think will eventually make them a buck. “Hey, we do a little bit of everything, you know?”

Avoids Expensive Pay-Per-Click Lawyers

Many divorce attorneys in Newark pay Avvo, Google, Yelp, Legal Zoom and many other lead-gen platforms to rank their paid ads higher in searches. They all bid up the cost of getting your case. That means whenever you hire one of those divorce attorneys, you pay Avvo’s or Google’s fee. The divorce attorney doesn’t pay that cost. YOU PAY IT IN HIGHER FEES !!

Allows You To Play the Referral Game

Divorce referrals are good for everyone. The friend or colleague getting your referral has a good idea about how a lawyer will perform from someone who already knows. You get the satisfaction of helping a friend in need. And referral business is GOLD to divorce lawyers. It is the business they don't pay anything to get. But they have to do a good job to get their former client's referral business. And those former clients must have a way to get their referrals to the lawyer.

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